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Summer season from 17 June 2022 until 18 September 2022. Our apartments can be booked 365 days a year |  Explore now

Valsana Hotel Arosa. Experience nature actively and intentionally

Modern, sustainable and chic. Located in the untouched landscape of the mountains of Graubünden. Intentional and varied cuisine, space for physical well-being, and surprising summer experiences. Always mindful of your safety and the environment, the ideal retreat for this summer.

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains

Society's need for a place of sanctuary and well-being is more relevant than ever. Inspired by the majestic mountains that surround our hotel, Moving Mountains is our holistic holiday experience. Based on science and on the five pillars of MOVE, PLAY, NOURISH, REST and GIVE, it provides a perfect combination of relaxation, fun and joie de vivre. You can choose which pillars you would like to use for your personal well-being. 

Successful Green Globe certification

Since 2019, the Tschuggen Hotel Group has already been operated in a completely climate-neutral manner. With the Green Globe certification, we have gone one step further, making us one of the most sustainable premium hotel groups in Switzerland. As a globally recognized and leading expert in assessing sustainability performance, Green Globe maintains a global network of independent auditors who conduct inspections and validations. The certification reflects that our daily commitment to making hotel operations as sustainable as possible is not only worthwhile, but motivates us every day to do our part to protect the environment.

Successful Green Globe certification



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