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Bear-strong Arosa

The Arosa summer has a lot to offer. New from summer 2018 also the Arosa Bärenland, in which rescued bears may spend their new years of life. Visit the first bear - Napa - in his new home and experience the animal side of Arosa.

The Arosa Bärenland is located directly at the middle station of the Weisshornbahn and is therefore really accessible to all bear fans - big or small. The ascent is included with the Arosa All-Inclusive Card, which you receive at the hotel.

In addition to the Arosa Bärenland land with viewing platform, the bear school has also been reopened. Because even young bears have to learn where to hide the best berries, how to balance on tree trunks or how to make yourself heard with a loud roar. Three colorful bear paws point the way through the different stages of the bear school.

Besides Napa, another bear has moved in on the Weisshorn summit - the unique photo point can also be decorated with blue and yellow ribbons. This is how the coat of the Weisshorn bear, which fits in the Arosa colors, gradually emerges. The ribbons are delivered free of charge - but the Arosa Bear Land is always happy about a small donation.

With our Bärenland package you experience the animal side of Arosa - and have included everything you need for it.