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Valsana underground garage

Hotel guests

Please inform us of your parking requirements when you make your booking so that we can reserve a parking space for you. Parking fees will be automatically charged to your room account.

Restaurant Twist guests

As a guest of Restaurant Twist, you can use the Valsana underground garage (first entrance on Maranerstrasse). You can pick up your exit ticket either directly from the pay station or from the reception.

Coop supermarket customers

Parking spaces (inside and outside) for Coop supermarket customers are marked accordingly.

Methods of payment

During opening hours, you can pay at our pay stations. You can pay in Swiss francs (coins and notes) or euros (notes, change in CHF). All standard credit and debit cards are accepted (PIN required).

Parking fees are charged directly to the room account for hotel guests. You will be given your exit ticket at Reception.

Short-stay parking

Parking time

01.05. to 31.10.

01.11. to 30.04.

Up to 1 hour during Coop opening hours

free free
Up to 30 minutes 1 1
Up to 1 hour 2 2
Up to 2 hours 3 4
Up to 3 hours 4 6
Up to 4 hours 5 8
Up to 5 hours 6 10
Up to 6 hours 7 12
Every additional hour plus 1 plus 2

For our hotel and apartment guests, there are special prices.
The underground garage is closed during the night - excl. hotel and restaurant Twist guests.

Underground garage regulations

  • Only one vehicle can enter/exit the garage at any one time on one ticket (1 vehicle = 1 ticket). 
  • It is not possible to drive into the garage when it is full. Please observe the display. 
  • The currently valid short-stay tariff applies. 
  • Lost tickets will be charged at CHF 50. Lost tickets must be reported to the hotel reception desk (between 8 am and 8 pm) to ensure that you can exit the garage.

The regulation as PDF.