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Sonntagszeitung Ranking 2020

Sonntagszeitung Ranking 2020

For the first time since the opening of the Valsana Hotel & Appartements, the hotel is being awarded in the category Nice-Price-Holidayhotels in one of the most prestigious hotel ratings in Switzerland – the Karl Wild Rating. Among other 34 hotels in Switzerland, the Valsana Hotel & Appartments is placed on the 13th rank.

The editor and name giver of the rating describes the Swiss hotel industry in its biggest crisis since the Second World War and yet speaks of a price-service ratio that has never been better. The decisive factor this year would be to attract domestic guests, as international travel still suffers heavy restrictions due to the Corona virus. On one hand, trust is put into the luxury hotel segment, which is globally led by Switzerland, and on the other hand confidence may also be rooted in billions of investments, investments that have already been made in the Swiss hotel industry over the past few years, amounting to billions.

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