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Private Personal Yoga

We see yoga as a pragmatic approach for engaging with oneself physically and mentally. We combine various yoga styles and link them to findings from sports science, which results in an urban interpretation of traditional yoga philosophy. With exercises from classic yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and ansura yoga, you will learn how to perform movements more mindfully. Conscious perception of your body will help you to centre yourself mentally, too.

As it is natural for humans to learn by moving, concentrated yoga training can be an ideal supplement to intellectual activity for enhancing our mental processing powers.

In private personal yoga, you will be given the most intensive yoga training suited to your individual requirements. The asanas can be precisely adjusted and combined depending on your requirements and level.


Private Personal Yoga (1-2 people)

90 Min / CHF 150



Private Personal Yoga subscription for 10 sessions – pay for 10 sessions, train 11 times. The subscription for 10 sessions expires at the end of the 2018 summer season.

10 sessions subscription Private Personal Yoga Training

CHF 1500