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Sustainability can be this charming

When constructing the new Valsana Hotel & Appartements building, we paid special attention to sustainable materials, products from Switzerland, and a forward-looking energy concept to ensure our guests can enjoy their stay with a clear conscience.

However, sustainability goes much further and is lived by us and our employees on a daily basis and implemented in Valsana. In the course of this, a comprehensive management plan on the subject of sustainability was also developed. You can read more about this here.


myclimate partnership

  • Maximum reduction of the CO2 emissions from all of our buildings
  • CO2-neutrality from check-in to check-out

  • The offsetting of unavoidable CO2 emissions finances the following climate protection projects:


Cause We Care

Cause We Care Initiative

  • Guests are given the opportunity to offset the emissions generated by their journeys to and from our hotels. Here, there are four categories and corresponding price categories:
    From Switzerland by car, From Europe by car , From Europe by plane and From overseas by plane

  • The money you pay to offset your emissions will be donated in full to the myclimate mountain gorilla project in Rwanda



  • Guests who book directly on our website have the option of having a tree planted as a thank you
  • Paperless communication with guests
  • Information is shared on-line, i.e. no printed brochures or flyers prior to arrival


  • Shuttle service for guests arriving in Arosa by Rhätische Bahn railway
  • Four free charging stations for electric vehicles (for hotel guests)
    2 Tesla charging stations, 2 Porsche charging stations (type 2)


  • Predominantly paperless internal and external communication
  • Information for guests is transmitted to rooms via tablets
  • Pencils instead of ballpoint pens
  • 100 % recycled paper, bleached without chlorine
  • Free bicycle hire



Bathroom & spa

  • Reduction of use of drinking water by means of aerators in taps
  • Body care products by the company "FAIR CosmEthics" are only available in refillable dispensers
  • 100 % organic spa line The Organic Pharmacy in our spa as well nail polishes from Londontown
  • Sustainable bathroom amenities from Ada International "Think, Act & Live Responsibly"



  • Sourcing of sustainable food (meat from free-range animals, certified fishing operations)
  • There are only European wines on the drinks menu
  • Premium-quality Arosa water is served in refillable glass bottles
  • Breakfast buffet with regional specialities
  • Kitchen waste is sent to producers of biogas fuels
  • No PET bottles
  • Sustainable food boxes to go if your food was too good to leave it behind



  • Use of local producers and suppliers
  • Predominantly Swiss products and animal products from animal-friendly and certified operations


  • Recycling of building materials from the old building
  • Use of energy-saving LED lights and motion sensors
  • Use of certified cleaning products
  • Certified energy generated from hydropower by Arosa Energie
  • Strict separation of waste and the systematic recycling of all materials
  • Contribution to biodiversity with a wild bee house
  • Sustainable destination management via Arosa Lenzerheide.


Ice battery

  • The building complex is supplied with heat generated by means of geothermal probes and heat recovery
  • Heating requirements met without fossil fuels
  • Recycling of heat generated from cooling devices (freezers, fridges) and the spa
  • Freon-free cooling systems
  • More about our ice battery
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